We understand that dealing with printer issues can be a challenging experience. To make your printing journey smoother, we’ve compiled solutions for five common errors that users often encounter with the HP LaserJet Enterprise M605.

1. 49.XX.XX Firmware Error

This error typically indicates a firmware-related issue, causing disruptions in your printer’s normal operation.

Possible Causes:
– Outdated firmware.
– Network communication issues.
– Corrupted print job data.

Possible Solutions:
– Update the Firmware: Ensure your printer firmware is up-to-date by visiting the official HP website.
– Isolate Network Issues: Disconnect the printer from the network, restart, and check for improvements.
– Clear Corrupted Print Jobs: Cancel any pending or stuck print jobs in the printer queue.

2. 13.XX.YY Paper Jams

This error signals a paper jam in a specific location within the printer.

Possible Causes:
– Incorrect paper type.
– Debris or misalignment.
– Torn bits in the paper tray.

Possible Solutions:
– Use Correct Paper Type: Ensure you use the appropriate paper type recommended for your printer.
– Clean Paper Path and Rollers: Remove debris, clean the paper path, and inspect rollers for issues.
– Check Paper Tray: Examine the paper tray for torn bits and ensure proper paper alignment.

3. 50.X Fuser Error

This error points to a malfunction in the printer’s fuser unit.

Possible Causes:
– Fuser unit issues.
– Overheating.

Possible Solutions:
– Power Off and Cool Down: Turn off the printer and allow it to cool down before restarting.
– Reseat or Replace Fuser: Reseat or replace the fuser unit if the error persists.

4. 21.XX Print Anomaly Error

This error occurs when printing complex pages beyond the printer’s memory capacity.

Possible Causes:
– Complex print jobs.
– Insufficient memory.
– Outdated printer drivers.

Possible Solutions:
– Simplify Print Job: Reduce print quality or lower resolution for complex print jobs.
– Add More Memory: Upgrade the printer’s memory if needed.
– Update Printer Drivers: Ensure you are using the latest printer drivers.

5. 79.XX Critical Hardware Error

This error indicates a critical hardware issue within the printer.

Possible Causes:
– Hardware malfunction.
– Network or software conflicts.

Possible Solutions:
– Power Off and Restart: Turn off the printer and restart it after a few minutes.
– Disconnect from the Network: Isolate the printer by disconnecting it to identify potential network-related issues.

We hope these solutions assist you in resolving common errors with your HP LaserJet Enterprise M605 printer. For more detailed instructions, refer to your printer’s user manual or contact our office at 305-513-8614 to schedule a service call.

Remember to consult your printer’s user manual for model-specific instructions. PC Net, Inc. is here to ensure your printer stays reliable!

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Happy printing!

Common HP LaserJet Enterprise M605 Printer Issues and Troubleshooting Tips